Meme Marketing

Creating funny memes which can go viral in your niche communities


- can work really well within certain segments of audience especially millennials

- can generate lot of virality with customers sharing the meme on their own

- can give more 'young' and 'relevant' tone to your overall brand image

- can give you good standing in certain social media channels like twitter etc

- can help your brand constant pipeline of marketing content by integrating closely with contextual popular culture


- sometimes meme marketing can affect your brand negatively if the tone of voice is not aligned with your brand

- getting new ideas for meme marketing is hard and you need to be plugged into the meme ecosystem to know what's trending and relevant

- creating 'funny' memes requires some intrinsic sense of humour

- you can end up offending people if your meme marketing material doesn't tread the line correctly

Other Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most common and widely used marketing strategy for eCommerce stores. Customers who make purchase on stores don't mind getting contacted from a known brand for their upcoming offers, discounts and new product launches.

Another reason email marketing works so well is that it can be automated to large extent. There are specific tools like Klaviyo or Omnisend which allow you to create sequence of emails and campaigns to generate sales on auto pilot mode.


In Search Engine Marketing or Paid Per Click marketing, you run paid ads on search engines or other channels with a set budget and pay per click of customer

SMS Marketing

Using sms as a channel to either send one time blast to your subscribers or having a two way conversation in sms enabled by more advanced sms marketing tools. Sms has one of the highest ROI and conversion rates

Meme Marketing

Creating funny memes which can go viral in your niche communities

Programmatic SEO

Programmatically creating relevant pages using code to target long tail keywords in your category

General SEO

Search Engine Optmization is one of the most common marketing strategy wherein you are optimising the content anf structure of your website to help people searching relevant queries in search engine to discover your website

Influncer Marketing

Using social media influencers to promote your eCommerce Products

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