SEO For Ecommerce Stores

You of course know what is Search Engine Optimisation

But what a Search Engine Optimisation and context of e-commerce Store

You would be surprised to know how much of online sales happen by organic search traffic

Google directs lot of traffic towards long tail of e-commerce Stores.

And interestingly lot of this traffic is actually coming from mobile web as more and more people search for products that they would like to buy on their mobiles

One thing that needs to be kept in mind while doing SEO for your E-Commerce stores is that it requires perseverance, patience and long-term investment

You can be a great scrappy way to get your initial traffic and drive sales

It is in a way a low hanging fruit for E-commerce marketing

If you consider the ROI of SEO it is one of the highest across channels and yet most of the small e-Commerce Store don't give it too much attention

Most of the shop owners end up investing most of their marketing dollars and their energies on either social media advertising or paid campaigns

SEO works on autopilot once you have ranked on certain keywords in your niche, it basically give you constant supply of traffic

So what the hell is SEO

SEO is the art and science of optimising your website around certain keywords so that you rank higher in search results

Most people think that SEO is just only about adding content and keywords but reality is that it is also about user experience and how many backlinks your content gets

For e-commerce vertical organic traffic drives up to 40% of sales

In context of e-commerce great content includes detailed product descriptions stunning photography and lot of customer reviews and user generated content to drive the sales

Social proof on your product detail pages can really increase your conversion

Also it's a good idea to have some content around competitive analysis of your products with the larger landscape

Like everything in life and business large majority of people don't end up being on the first page of Google. In fact around 95% of businesses who do some kind of SEO effort don't reach the first page of Google

Keyword Research :

One of the first step of Search Engine Optimisation is keyword research

I highly recommend that you do not skip this step

the goal of of doing keyword research is to find keywords which are relevant for your needs and they have decent search enough volume and have low difficulty

One more important factor that you have to incorporate while searching for keywords is the buyer intent

Buyer intent is nothing but understanding how far ahead somebody is in their decision to purchase a product

To do keyword research there are multiple options

You can start by searching on Amazon. Amazon is a gold mine to figure out what products people are searching for

Simple tactic that you can use is to start with the keyword and then see what long-tail recommendations are you getting from autosuggest that people are searching for

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